Hassan Fathy’s Architecture and Sustainable Development Initiative

Hassan Fathy Center for Architecture & Sustainable Development

Why this initiative?

Hassan Fathy, an Egyptian architect, was ahead of his time. He designed in 1945 the new village of Gourna to be a model of human architecture and to demonstrate the role of architecture in community development. 

Hassan Fathy (1900 -1989)

Hassan Fathy’s works attracted the attention of architects throughout the world when environmental conservation movements spread and he became a pioneer in the field of green and Earth architecture… 

Save Hassan Fathy’s Heritage

The relevance of Hassan Fathy’s architectural legacy in combatting climate change..

Maddalena Achenza, President ICOMOS-ISCEAH

“I am glad to know that Fathy’s new Gourna is again the focus of actions aiming at the recognition of the importance of this site and all the values tangible and intangible that it carries.”

Thomas Vonier, President of the International Federation of Architects

“Hassan Fathi’s works are a message to all humankind that provides hope for our contemporary world.”

Google Doodle’s

Google‘s Doodle celebrates, Hassan Fathy’s 117th birthday, an Egyptian architect known for pioneering new methods, respecting tradition, and valuing all walks of life. 

Let’s work together to save Hassan Fathy’s Heritage, today!

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