The objectives of the Hassan Fathy’s architecture and  Sustainable Development Initiative (HF-ASDI) are as follows:

  • Disseminate Hassan Fathy’s philosophy in the field of architecture and sustainable development for all
  • Contribute to the training of builders on the methods of green, earth and sustainable construction, and on the crafts related to construction in order to  qualify them for employment in these fields.
  • Contribute to presenting the philosophy, applications and technologies of green, sustainable and popular architecture and land architecture to architects and architecture students in Egypt and the world through the preparation and provision of courses, field study tours, publications and lectures
  • Cooperate with all local and international organizations and parties concerned with the architecture of the land, the architecture of development and the sustainable and green architecture.
  • Contribute to conducting specialized studies and to exchange information and carry out research in the fields of analysis, diagnosis, restoration, conservation, reuse, equipping and establishment of vernacular heritage buildings and the related oral, intangible or kinetic cultural heritage, surrounding environment, history and civilizational landscape.
  • Establish Hassan Fathy’s Center for Architecture and Sustainable Development in New Gourna
  •  Rehabilitate Hassan Fathy’s New Gourna village to become a distinct destination for cultural tourism with a focus on Architecture and community tourism, art tourism and sustainable tourism.
  • Encourage individuals, associations, companies, the private sector and civil organizations to invest in rehabilitating the neglected folklore in the Egyptian villages.

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