Architect Hassan Fathy (1900-1989)

Hassan Fathy was a noted Egyptian architect who pioneered appropriate technology for building in Egypt, especially by working to reestablish the use of adobe and traditional mud construction as opposed to western building designs, material configurations, and lay-outs.

Why this initiative?

Hassan Fathy, an Egyptian architect, was ahead of his time.
He designed in 1945 the new village of Gourna to be a model of human architecture and to demonstrate the role of architecture in community development.
Architects in the whole world, from China to Nigeria, have been alerted to his ideas, especially since the seventies of the twentieth century, and his name has been associated with environmental architecture, green architecture, native architecture, popular architecture, and currently with sustainable architecture and development.
Despite this, Hassan Fathy’s Gourna did not receive enough attention, therefore , we present this initiative as a vehicle to the disseminate, implement and develop of Hassan Fathy’s ideas and methods toward the  realization of the role of architecture in sustainable development.

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