International Support

Google celebrates Hassan Fathy’s 117th Birthday


In coordination with the “Our World Heritage” initiative, an international symposium (webinar)  was organized  on February 21, 2021 on Sustainable Architecture  and Tourism within the framework of Hassan Fathy’s pioneering efforts. 

Speakers in the webinar included  a group of prominent international architects, including the former director of the UNESCO World Heritage Center, the President of the World Union of Architects, the President of the African Union of Architects, and Chairman of the International Scientific Committee on Earth Architecture (ICOMOS), and Vice President of the International Scientific Committee for the Analysis and Restoration of Heritage Architectural Buildings (ICOMOS), as well as the Commissioner  of the Visual Arts and Architecture Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture, Egypt,  and a group of eminent Egyptian architects and other professionals interested in cultural tourism, including the commissioner of the Committee on Cultural Tourism.  

All extolled the  great importance of the Hassan Fathy’s Gourna and its value for architects world wide and in dealing with the problems of architecture in the contemporary world. They expressed their support for the initiative to preserve the architectural heritage of Hassan Fathy and for the establishment of the Hassan Fathy’s Center for Sustainable Architecture in Gourna.

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